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CS Turret Product Catalog CS1108 Series Programmable Motor Controller
CS5000 Series Lightweight Motorized Gun TurretCS1201A & CS1201B 24V Lead-Acid Onboard Battery Chargers
CS5000 Series Light-Weight Turret AccessoriesCS1202 & CS1202B 24V Lead-Acid Onboard Battery Chargers
RFO Fyler-target-resultsCS1205 24 VDC 120 Watt Intelligent Active PFC Battery Charger
Powered Door SystemCS1320 Collision Avoidance Module
CS7110 Turret Drive SystemCS1320A IntelliStop Automatic Intervention System
CS3208 BPMTU Motor ControllerBattery Chargers Comparison
CS3248C1 D-1  ITDS Turret Motor Controllers CS3412 Power Door System (PDS) for Armored Vehicles
CS3249-1 G1 LRAS Turret ControllersPhoenix AC DC Motor Controller
Military Turret Controllers Comparison 
Turret Control System (TCS) Functions 
CS3209A1-B1 Joysticks 
CS3210A Weapon Mounted Turret Controller 
CS3300 Series Weapon-Mounted Fingertip Controllers 
Power Door System Components 

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