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CS Turret Product Catalog Phoenix AC DC Motor Controller
RFO Remote Firing Option SpecCable Assembly Manufacturing
RFO Fyler-target-resultsCS1201A & CS1201B 24V Lead-Acid Onboard Battery Chargers
Powered Door SystemCS1202 & CS1202B 24V Lead-Acid Onboard Battery Chargers
CS7110 Turret Drive SystemCS1205 24 VDC 120 Watt Intelligent Active PFC Battery Charger
CS3208 BPMTU Motor ControllerCS1320 Collision Avoidance Module
CS3248C1 D-1  ITDS Turret Motor Controllers CS1320A IntelliStop Automatic Intervention System
CS3248C1 D-1  ITDS Turret Motor Controllers Battery Chargers Comparison
CS3249-1 G1 LRAS Turret ControllersCS3412 Power Door System (PDS) for Armored Vehicles
Military Turret Controllers ComparisonCS1108 Series Programmable Motor Controller
Turret Control System (TCS) FunctionsCable Assembly Manufacturing
CS3209A1-B1 Joysticks 
CS3210A Weapon Mounted Turret Controller 
CS3300 Series Weapon-Mounted Fingertip Controllers 
Power Door System Components 

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