Battery Chargers

Our family of solid-state "smart" battery chargers are developed to optimally charge the vehicle's batteries, improving the battery life and reliability, while minimizing the maintenance expense to the end user.Please see the "charger family brochure" under any one of the individual products in order to cross-reference the specifications for all of our charger products.

CS1205 24 VDC, Battery Charger

The CS1205 battery charger provides a rugged, intelligent solution for charging and maintaining lead-acid batteries. The microprocessor controller in the charger protects against short circuits, voltage surges, reversed battery polarity,…

CS1201A & CS1201B Battery Chargers

The CS1201x family of battery chargers provide multi-stage charging to battery-powered products. The chargers are designed to integrate with CS11XX series motor controllers or as a stand-alone trickle chargers.

CS1207 Integrated polarity protection

CS1207 provides protection against reverse polarity on both input DC power and output battery. And protection against over and under temperature conditions with automatic recovery.

CS1202 & CS1202B Battery Charger

These chargers are designed to be used in conjunction with the CS11XX series motor controllers to charge two 12V, 17 Amp-Hour (or larger) sealed lead acid batteries wired in series.

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