Commercial Mobility Solutions

Innovations in motion for personal mobility products…


Moving people around safely and smoothly has always been on our minds at Control Solutions LLC.  Our software-programmable motion control systems have hundreds of customizable parameters that are optimized for each market application.

For personal mobility, especially heavy-duty grocery store shopping scooters, Control Solutions LLC has worked closely with scooter manufacturers to design, integrate and manufacture cost-effective, high-performance controls, chargers and user interface actuators that can stand the rigors of everyday use in retail stores.

Our motor controllers and chargers feature:


Innovations in motion for battery-powered commercial products…


Control Solutions LLC isn’t just about moving people around safely. Our motor controllers are a scalable family of products that can handle higher-amperage motors and heavier duty cycle applications.

Within the commercial marketspace, Control Solutions LLC has designed motor controllers and battery chargers that act as an integrated system to:

Innovative Solutions for a World in Motion…

It’s not just a slogan, it’s what we do! Control Solutions LLC is your one-stop integrator for tough motion control problems. Our team of engineers, our ISO-certified processes and FDA-registered manufacturing facility stand ready to quickly design and manufacture an innovative solution for your application.

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