Control Actuators & User Interfaces

Control Solutions LLC has developed many unique actuators and interfaces that are designed to provide the user with intuitive operation and control over the motor functions of the controller plus, in some products, display of battery conditions.

CS1114 – Medical cot controller

The CS1114 is a custom-designed motor controller and user interface system for an ambulance power cot.

CS3310, CS3320, CS3330 – Weapon-mounted Fingertip Actuators

The CS3300 Series of weapon-mounted control actuators allow the gunner to rotate the turret without removing hands from the weapon. These fingertip actuators are specifically-designed for different weapon systems: --…

CS3210A Thumb-controlled Actuator for Turret Motion

The CS3210A thumb-controlled actuator is a weapon-mounted controller that allows a gunner to activate the turret motor controller and rotate the gun turret while maintaining hands on the weapon. The…

CS3209B Joystick Actuator

The CS3209B is a single-axis joystick user interface designed to work in conjunction with our motor controllers. The rugged joystick is waterproof and dustproof, making it an excellent choice for…

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