I don't have a PayPal account to place an order online

When you visit for our interferential stimulators and spare parts, you will complete the order through PayPal, a safe, secure online merchant.

However, once you see the PayPal screen, you can simply securely enter a credit card number and your order will be processed without the need for a PayPal account.

Where can I order spare pads and electrodes?

We sell spare parts for our stimulators directly online via credit card at our web site

My stimulator's internal battery can't be recharged

The CS3101 Interferential stimulator comes with a built-in rechargeable battery.  Other units have a standard 9-volt replaceable battery.

If your built-in battery no longer holds a charge, it can be returned to the factory for a new replacement battery and full testing.  In order to do this, please go to and order the repair service by selecting #CS4101

I need a replacement power supply for my IF stimulator

The external power supply to recharge your CS3101 (or CS6101) Interferential stimulator can be re-ordered directly from our onlin web site at

You will order a model CS1210A for your CS3101 stimulator or order a CS1211 for your CS3102 high-voltage galvanic stimulator.

You may also be able to find a similar power supply that ouputs 15 VDC at 1.5A (center positive) but CSLLC makes no claims as to its effectiveness.

Which spare parts can I purchase directly from Control Solutions for my Interferential Stimulator?

For Interferential Stimulators we offer replacement lead wires, AC adapters, carrying cases, carrying pouches, and replacement rechargeable battery packs (factory service required). Click here for product information.


My unit has stopped driving, is the controller faulty?

There are many things that could result in a non-functional unit. Consult with the Original Equipment Manufacturer of the end product for assistance.

My controller has failed. Can I replace it with another one that looks the same?

No. Control Solutions controllers can be programmed to drive and behave differently. Replacing a controller with another of the same kind does not mean that the new controller will drive the same and could present an unsafe condition.

The lights on my controller/user interface is flashing constantly. Should I return the unit for repair?

No. A constant flashing indicates the battery is low. If the controller is still constant flashing after a full charge cycle then the batteries have developed a problem. Consult with a qualified technician for further assistance.

My motor controller or user interface display is flashing. What does this mean?

This means that the motor controller is detecting an error condition. Look at the troubleshooting page for further assistance.


How can I find out the maximum current rating of my controller?

Please see the comparison chart page or the product information page for the particular product in question.

I've heard the term 'profiles' in relation to controller programming but am unsure what it means?

A profile is a set of programmable parameters that dictate the behavior of the motor controller. Control Solutions motor controllers have two sets of these parameters. So, for example, one profile (or set of parameters) can be set for an outdoor mode where the controller has faster speed and more acceleration while the other set of parameters is set for an indoor mode where acceleration and speed is decreased.

How can I check if I have the latest version of the Motor Controller Hand Held Programmer?

Please call our technical support line for the latest information.


What is Control Solutions return policy?

Please refer to our Return Policy page.

Can I send back a controller to be reconditioned?

Possibly. You need to check with your Original Equipment Manufacturer first for warranty details. If the warranty does not present a problem then follow our repair procedure.


My customer has a condition that results in varying degrees of hand tremor? Can your motor controllers compensate for this?

Yes. Our motor controllers are managed by an internal microprocessor.  It is possible to alter one of the many software paremeters called "Hold Time" that can be changed to compensate for this condition.

Hold Time is used to filter unwanted fast changes in throttle input, or to smooth out the throttle feel. By setting a higher Hold Time, it will result in a more relaxed and filtered throttle response range.

How many seating actuators can I drive with my controller?

The CS1125 motor controller can operate one non-drive motor.

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