Supplier Certification Process

Control Solutions LLC welcomes new potential suppliers to our certified database of component and contract manufacturing providers. 

Supplier / vendor certification is an important component of our total quality management system that assures that a supplier's product is produced, packaged, and shipped under a controlled process that results in consistent conformance to our requirements. Our process supports the concept of quality at the source by doing it right the first time thereby substantially reducing or eliminating the need for final quality inspections by the supplier, by our internal quality process, or by our customer. The primary objective of the certification process is to assure consistent high quality as demonstrated by predictable conformance to our requirements. The basic premise is that we want to identify suppliers that have adequate process controls in place and they provide legitimate proof that their products are consistently fit for use, authentic, and meet 100% of our requirements. If you are interested in becoming a certified vendor for Control Solutions LLC, please download the attached document, complete the surveys, and then contact us.





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