RFO System (Remote Firing Option)

The RFO System is a kit that drops into the pintle of an existing motorized turret, and it provides remote control of both the weapon and the turret. The RFO consists of low-cost, commercial-off-the-shelf components. These “plug-and-play” components include a remote fire solenoid, low light camera, user interface with color display, joystick and trigger. The RFO weapon system is simple to operate with minimal training, and provides a major tactical advantage by allowing the gunner to deliver suppressive firepower from a protected position.

The RFO System utilizes an intuitive user interface that incorporates a built-in high-definition display. Joystick and trigger controls are straight forward, allowing for quick training and qualification.

Depending on threat/situation, the RFO provides the gunner with the option of manual turret operation, or remote operation. Manual operation provides superior situational awareness, while remote operation provides dramatically improved protection by operating from within the hull of the vehicle. Remote mode also provides improved accuracy and much greater targeting distance due to the RFO’s excellent optics and display.

RFO is a modular upgrade to existing ITDS turrets and other platforms. It does not interfere with current armor configurations. Existing fleets can be incrementally upgraded at the Field Depot Level or Theater Storage Area (TSA) in less than one day. The RFO improves lethality while maximizing vehicle mission time.

• Allows option of manned or remote weapon operation.

• Allows threat engagement with greater accuracy and maximum protection.

• Remote control via RFO user interface.

• Supported weapons include:

Control Solutions has been providing military systems for over 30 years. Our Turret Control System (TCS) have been fielded on over 70,000 platforms including HMMWV, MATV, JLTV and MRAPs in use by militaries all over the world.

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