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We solve your tough challenges

For over 20 years, Control Solutions has been focused on providing exceptional, rapid solutions to customers' motion control challenges.

We are your one-stop provider of solutions:
  • DC motor controls & 'smart' battery chargers
  • User interfaces & I/O Accessories
  • Specialty sensors and sub-system development
  • Specialty electronics design & manufacturing
  • Industry-specific Compliance & Certifications
Here are some of our customer's stories:
  • We solve challenging problems for the military…

When the gun turrets on US Army tactical vehicles were strengthened with additional armor, the turrets became too heavy to hand-rotate.  We designed a battery-operated, motorized turret control system that has been fielded on over 60,000 vehicles. For more information, click HERE.

When the Army found the doors on the armored MRAP vehicle were too heavy to open manually, we rapidly developed an integrated powered door system.  For more information, click HERE.

  • We solve challenging problems for the medical mobility market…

When a leading manufacturer of ambulance cots required a way to smoothly and safely lift patients and reduce worker injuries, we developed an electronic lift and capture system for the cot and ambulance.  For more information, click HERE.

  • We solve challenging problems in commercial mobility…

When an industry leader in personal mobility products needed a rugged, reliable solution for retail shopping scooters, we developed an integrated drive and battery charging solution.  For more information, click HERE.

Innovative Solutions for a World in Motion…

Control Solutions LLC  —  Your one-stop integrator for tough motion control challenges.
Contact us today to quickly design and manufacture an innovative solution for your application.

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