Turret Systems and Accessories Catalog

Control Solutions LLC® solves tough problems forn military tactical vehicles. With our turnkey design and manufacturing capabilities, we can provide customor off-the-shelf products for your military vehicle.
Control Solutions provides turret systems and accessories for light to heavy payload tactical wheeled vehicles. We can design the following products for your vehicle.

• Heavy to Light Turrets • Motor/Drive/Transmission Technologies
• Joystick Options and Sizes • Gunner Protection Kits • Accessories


CS5000 Series Light-Weight Gun TurretCS7100 Turret Drive System
CS5000 Series Motorized Turret AssembliesWeapon-Mounted Turret Controllers and Accessories
CS5000 Series Manual Turret AssembliesCS5000 Series Applications
CS5000 Series Turret Assemblies 

All specifications subject to change without notice.

Turret Catalog

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