Our Patents and Intellectual Property

Control Solutions LLC is proud of the fact that the systems and solutions we have developed over the past 20 years has resulted in a series of patents. Bring us your tough motion control challenges and we will leverage our intellectual property and team of engineers to rapidly solve your problem.  Here is a listing of some of the technologies we have developed as part of our customer's solutions:


Patent Description Patent #
Electronic Circuit for Charging and Heating a Battery 8452490
Apparatus and method for controlling rotational movement of a vehicle turret 8428827
Light Blocking Apparatus for Vehicle Mirror Assembly 8432600
Door Assist System Controller and Method 8373550
Mounting Clips and Sensor Installations for Motorized vehicle Doors 8282061
Door Assist System and Method for Retrofit Installation of Apparatus 8002328
Securable Cover with Electrically Activatable Light Inhibiting Lens for Vehicle Lights 8256940
Electrically Activatable Light Blocking Cover for Vehicle Mirrors 8248680
Securable Cover for Vehicle Lights 8200390
Sensor Installations for Motorized Vehicle Doors 7959211
Mounting Clips and Sensor Installations for Motorized Vehicle Doors 7938376
Securable Cover for Vehicle Lights and Method 8571754
Bladderless Reservoir Tank For Hydraulic Accumulator 8511343
Controlled Vehicle Turret Apparatus and Method 8607686
Contactless Underwater Multi Color Lighting System 8502464
Control Mechanism Securable to a Firing Device and Method 8651009 B2
System for Sensing the Position of a movable Bar 8640348 B2
Sensor Installations For Motorized Vehicle Doors 8641125 B2
Controller and Methods of Controlling a Personal Electric Motorized Vehicle Based on the Weight of an Operator 8594868 B2
Rotatable Targeting Assembly Having Weapons Integrated Direction and Rate Control 8640597 B2

Full information on these patents can be retrieved through the USPTO Trademark & Patent web site

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