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Innovations in motion for the military on the front line

When it comes to military motion control, we have you covered. Control Solutions has experienced tremendous success by adapting and integrating our core motion control products to multiple military applications. Our sales and engineering staff stand ready to help you with your motion control project. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Control Solutions has been providing military systems for over 30 years. Our Turret Control System (TCS) have been fielded on over 70,000 platforms including HMMWV, MATV, JLTV and MRAPs in use by militaries all over the world.

The RFO System is a kit that drops into the pintle of an existing motorized turret, and it provides remote control of both the weapon and the turret.

The Powered Door System (PDS) provides a complete turnkey solution for safely and quickly opening and closing the heavy armored doors.

Turret Controllers are tailored to each customer’s specific hardware and software requirements, they are scalable to meet the needs of commercial and military applications.

The CS7110 Turret Drive System allows more space inside the cabin versus the traditional drive systems at a significant cost savings.












Our other military products are:
CS3210A Weapon Mounted Thumb Controller
CS3300 Weapon-Mounted Fingertip Controller


     Battery Chargers


Turret System Catalog

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