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CS1205 24 VDC, 120 Watt Intelligent Battery Charger

When used as a standalone charger or in conjunction with a Control Solutions CS11XX Motor Controller, the CS1205 battery charger provides a rugged, intelligent solution for charging and maintaining lead-acid batteries. The microprocessor controller in the charger protects against short circuits, voltage surges, reversed battery polarity, and over-temperature to ensure long battery life and safe operation.

The CS1205 intelligent charger has a front panel LEDs, displaying the charging status. When used in conjunction with a CSLLC Motor controller, the battery charging diagnostic codes can be monitored via the controller’s interface (optional display).

24V or series-wired pair of 12V lead acid batteries (24 Amp-Hour or larger). Utilizing an internal microprocessor, the CS1205 charger adds multi-stage charging features and monitors the battery conditions to ensure batteries are fully charged without overcharging.

  • UL recognized to 60601-1 3rd. Ed. and ETL recognized to UL 1012, in a outdoor rated form factor enclosure.
  • 120 watts of output power.
  • 24 volt nominal output.
  • Five software-controlled charging stages including cell preparation, charge qualification, bulk charge, cell balancing, and float charge
  • LED indicators provide status including improper battery connection and charge timeout
  • Active Power Factor Correction
  • Charger can operate as on-board charger with CSLLC controllers.
  • Maintains a full “float” charge in all temperature conditions without damaging batteries.
  • Integrated with motor controller to disable motor drive during charging (CSLLC controllers).
  • Accurate float charge voltage allows charger to be left connected to batteries indefinitely to maintain full charge.

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