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CS1201A & CS1201B Battery Charger

The family of CS1201 battery chargers (models CS1201A and CS1201B) are on-board integrated 24V chargers designed to be part of a motion control solution for battery-powered OEM products such as scooters, pushers, and commercial vehicles.

These chargers are designed to be used in conjunction with the CS11XX series motor controllers or as a stand-alone trickle chargers and are capable of charging two 12V, 17 Amp-Hour (or larger) sealed lead acid batteries wired in series.

These units are fully enclosed to minimize water entry. When used with a CS11XX series motor controller, the CS11XX controller controls the entire charge cycle and monitors battery conditions to ensure batteries are fully charged without over-charging.

Our battery chargers are UL recognized to the following UL specifications:
CS1201A -- UL1012 E247509
CS1201B -- UL60601-1 E319673

  • Five-stage charging cycle (cell preparation, charge qualification, bulk charge, cell balancing, and float charge); when used in conjunction with the CS11XX series motor controllers:
  • Multiple protection levels with automatic recovery (short circuits, AC surges, battery reverse polarity and over temperature conditions)
  • Charging indication (Built-in LED or external display)
  • Designed to reduce battery heating and increase battery life (non-pulsed voltage)
  • Charger can be left connected to batteries indefinitely to maintain full charge (through accurate float charge voltage)
  • Extruded aluminum enclosure for EMI shielding and water resistance
  • Switching power supply provides higher power output with smaller size and weight than traditional linear chargers
  • Less than 8 hour recharge for battery capacity under 24 Amp-Hours (ANSI measurement method).

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