Battery Chargers

CS1207 integrated polarity protection

The CS1207 was designed to be used in conjunction with the CS11XX series motor controllers to charge a 3.3 amp-hour NiMH or NiCD battery pack. CS1207 provides protection against reverse polarity on both input DC power and output battery. And protection against over and under temperature conditions with automatic recovery. The modular design of the CS1207 battery charger allows it to be incorporated into a custom motor controller assembly application. This product is designed to be integrated into an enclosed application and cannot be used unenclosed.

  • Four-stage NiMH or NiCD charging: cell preparation, bulk charge, top-off charge, and float charge
  • Protection against short circuits, DC surges (input), with automatic recovery
  • 16 hour trickle charge termination under extreme temperatures
  • dv/dt bulk charge and float voltage termination
  • Charging indication is displayed on the external battery capacity display or LED when used with the CS11xx series motor controllers. Pulse charging technology is used for a more evenly charged battery
  • Accurate float charge voltage allows charger to be left connected to batteries indefinitely
  • Switching power supply provides higher power output with smaller size and weight than traditional linear chargers
  • Less than 4 hour recharge for battery capacity under 3.3 Amp-Hours (ANSI measurement method).

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