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CS3310, CS3320, CS3330 – Weapon-mounted Fingertip Actuators (for M240/M249)

The Turret Control System, (TCS) from Control Solutions LLC provides powerful, smooth motion to the gun turret on tactical vehicles.
Also known as the Battery Powered Motorized Traversing Unit (BPMTU) and the 2nd-generation Improved Turret Drive System (ITDS), these standalone battery-operated systems provide motorized operation to the gunner’s station and the Objective Gunner Protection Kit (O-GPK).

Traditionally operated by a joystick controller, the TCS can now be operated 100% while keeping hands on the weapon.

The family of fingertip-actuated weapon-mounted Controllers (WMC) are the latest development from Control Solutions LLC for the TCS family. The WMC consists of a small, proportional control, single axis switch mounted in a sealed aluminum housing with a built-in MIL cable that connects directly to the turret motor controller.

The WMC allows the gunner to rotate the turret by moving the fingertip controlled switch. There are two models currently available:
-- CS3310 mounts to the right-hand side of the stock of the M240B weapon
-- CS3320 mounts to the right-hand side of the stock of the M249 weapon
-- CS3330 mounts to the right-hand side of the M249 collapsible buttstock

Left-handed configurations can be made available by contacting Control Solutions LLC directly.

  • Maximize mission focus through simultaneous turret and weapon control
  • Smooth two-direction turret slew control
  • Durable hook & loop fastening system allows for secure mounting to different weapon stock shapes
  • Directly cabled to BPMTU/ITDS controller via Mil-C-5015
  • No tools needed to mount WMC

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