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TCS - Turret Control System

Control Solutions designs and manufactures tactical vehicle turret systems by integrating large-diameter ring bearings, vehicle roof framework, and ballistic armor with a robust motorized control system that operates independently from the vehicle’s battery power.

The Gunner Protection Kit (GPK) system is scalable, where the 400mm (16”) armored sidewall panels and the gun-mounted ballistic shield can be quickly removed for less-demanding maneuvers where a gunner can stand in the opened hatch with small caliber weapons as required. The GPK system can accept the M2 .50-caliber machine gun, the MK-19 40 mm grenade launcher, the M240 7.62 mm automatic weapon and the M-249 5.56 mm squad automatic weapon

  • Tactical vehicle rooftop mounting ring (vehicle-specific)
  • Traversing gear ring (customized to diameter of rooftop hatch)
  • Traversing motor & controller
  • Turret-mounted batteries
  • Turret ring bearing
  • Armored gunner protection walls with transparent armor
  • Vehicle rooftop hatch
  • Gun mount pintle and ballistic shield

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