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CS1108 Series programable motor controllers

Over twelve years of product evolution and extensive design time have made the CS1108 series one of the most versatile and advanced motor controllers of its kind. With almost 100 programmable profile parameters (via a handheld programmer), the CS1108 series can be programmed to operate smoothly, reliably, and efficiently in a wide range of applications. Its flexible architecture is designed to allow a custom fit for special applications. The CS1108 series offers the highest in current carrying capability of any motor controller its size in the industry today, up to 150 Amps.

The CS1108 series also uses industry standard connectors, allowing simple changeover of existing product lines and field replacements. These controllers are designed for medium to heavy-duty permanent magnet motor applications. These controllers are ideal for use on three or four wheeled mobility scooters as well as light industrial and commercial applications including sweepers, scrubbers, and utility carts. The CS1108 series is available in 12V, 24V, and 36V versions.

  • Four quadrant, full H-bridge design
  • Software programmable voltage/current profiles
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • LED diagnostic codes
  • Power on Demand
  • Throttle Fault detection
  • Low/High Voltage Shutdown
  • On-board integrated charging control
  • Anti-Rollback
  • Designed and fully manufactured in the USA
  • Compliance with US and European regulations

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