Weapon-Mounted Turret Controllers and Accessories

 Weapon-Mounted Turret Controllers and Accessories
CS3210A Weapon Mounted Turret Controller
• Maintain positive control through simultaneous turret and weapon control                                                                       
• Smooth two-direction turret slew control
• Left-side or right-side mounting configurations on the M2 or MK19)
• Directly cabled to BPMTU/ITDS controller via Mil-C-5015
• No tools needed to mount WMTC
CS3300 Series Weapon Mounted Turret Controllers
• Durable hook & loop fastening system allows for secure mounting to different weapon stock shapes
• Directly cabled to BPMTU/ITDS controller
• CS3310 mounts to the right-hand side of the stock of the M240B weapon.
• CS3320 mounts to the right-hand side of the stock of the M249 weapon
• CS3330 mounts to the right-hand side of the M249 collapsible buttstock.
CS3209B Joystick
• Waterproof and dustproof
• Gasket-sealed aluminum enclosure with magnetic base
• EMI hardened
• Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.
• Designed to comply with U.S. and European safety standards and regulations
• Single axis, non contact hall-effect technology for long life
• Used in conjunction with CSLLC’s CS3248 improved Turret Drive System motor controller, CS3208 BPMTU controller and all CS5200 Series Turrets
CS2152 TCS Auxiliary Power Module
• Provides in-turret power for gunner accessories
• Includes 12V and 24V protected circuits for gunner station accessories
• Includes 5V USB power outlet
• Power is independent of vehicle battery
• Sealed Connections allow for all-weather day and night operation
• Compatible with weapons mounted controller
CS3460 Gun Turret Spotlight
• High-intensity white LED light and night-vision in same unit
• Powerful LED white light visible for over 150 meters
• Wide-angle IR light for use with night vision devices
• Single-switch operation from Turret Auxiliary Module
• Mounts easily onto either side of the O-GPK
CS5400 Large-diameter Turret Slip Ring
• Allows turret to be powered from vehicle batteries; eliminates turret batteries and reduces weight
• Multiple data and video channels; simultaneous uplink & downlink
• Floating design; isolated from vehicle vibrations
• Environmentally sealed; retrofittable



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