Price List: User Interfaces, Battery Chargers & Batteries

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ASM000351XEMERGENCY SWITCH The ASM000351x is a push-pull switch that is a waterproof assembly useable as an emergency stop switch for harsh environments. The emergency stop switch can be placed virtually anywhere on your custom application to provide easy access.$929

ASM000355X-3qrt-PL_4231 copy

ASM000355XDOOR-MOUNTED TOOGLE SWITCH Hermetically-sealed enclosure. This is a four-switch assembly consisting of two SPDT toggle switches with momentary contact plus two SPST toggle switches. It can be used for a wide variety of commercial applications.  The assembly terminates in Amphenol connectors for wiring to other ruggedized systems.$899
CS3209X-JoyStick- WHITE_7529CS3209XJOYSTICK ACTUATOR The CS3209 is a single-axis joystick (left-right or up-down motion) that has been developed for industrial and commercial applications in tough environments and harsh conditions$2,195
CS3210XHEAVY-DUTY THUMB-DRIVEN WATERPROOF ACTUATOR Heavy-duty thumb-driven waterproof actuator that can be mounted to industrial equipment to vary the speed of motor control modules. Requires the use of ASM001175A cable assembly.$1,249
CS3218X-100dpi-WHITE_7936CS3218XJOYSTICK-SWITCH ACTUATOR The CS3218 is a single-axis joystick (left-right or up-down motion) combined in rugged housing with a guarded toggle switch, developed for industrial and commercial applications in tough environments and harsh conditions.$8,500
CS3218X-100dpi-WHITE_7936CS3267JOYSTICK-SWITCH ACTUATOR The CS3267 has been developed for industrial and commercial applications in tough environments and harsh conditions. For use with the CS3266 Command Center Controller.$2237
CS3310XHEAVY-DUTY FINGERTIP TOGGLE ACTUATOR Heavy-duty fingertip toggle actuator with variable-output that controls CSLLC motor control modules. Can be mounted to commercial or industrial equipment for easy manipulation.$1,429
CS3320XINDUSTRIAL CONTROL ACTUATOR Industrial control actuator with mounting bracket. Fingertip toggle actuator with built-in cable connects to motor control modules to vary fwd/rev speeds.$1,449
CS3330XHEAVY-DUTY FINGERTIP TOGGLE ACTUATOR Industrial fingertip toggle actuator for forward-reverse motor controllers. Provides variable-output thaT controls CSLLC motor control modules. Comes complete with hook & loop mounting for commercial or industrial equipment.$1,429
CS4102-Batt-small_8861CS4102XBATTERY ASSEMBLY The CS4102 is a 24V 3Ah NiMh rechargeable battery pack designed for heavy duty applications. The CS4102 is capable of a peak current drain of 50 amps. The NiMh batteries are designed for long service life and have an expected lifetime of 500 cycles.$1,175
CS1204X__3273 100dpi new logoCS1204XBATTERY CHARGER The CS1204 charger is a commercial/industrial market charger for 12V battery banks. This charger is also available in a UL-certified version.$34
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