Motor Controllers

CS3248 - Improved Turret Drive System (ITDS) motor controller

The CS3248 Improved Turret Drive System (ITDS) motor controller is part of our Turret Control System (TCS) line of products and is the military’s go-to, field-proven solution for safety and accurately controlling the movement of heavily armored vehicle turrets. Field-proven and industry standard on the following programs: HMMWV, MRAP, ASV and other armored vehicle turrets. The CS3248 controller as part of the TCS also utilizes an actuator such as the CS3209 joystick or CS3210 weapon-mounted actuator.

  • Safe, smooth turret slew speed control
  • Turret-mounted batteries provide power independent of vehicle
  • Built-in battery charge indicator
  • Intelligent charging – will not drain vehicle batteries
  • Vehicle power automatically disconnects when turret is in motion
  • Custom-programmable for different vehicles
  • overview of gun turret

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