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CS3202 Handheld Programmer Kit

CS3202 is a Handheld Programming and diagnostic tool that is used to pre-program the parameters inside of our PWM motor controllers.

All CSLLC motor controllers are fully programmable. The CS3202 is a kit, which includes the CS1171 handheld programmer, a programmer Y-adapter, a programmer instruction manual, and all the necessary programming cables. The CS1171 handheld programmer gives the user the ability to program and change many parameters such as speed, acceleration, deceleration, and many more. The convenience of the handheld programmer is that the user can change these drive parameters while driving to quickly and easily optimize the drive feel.

The CS1171 also has a debug feature, which allows the user to monitor several key measurements such as battery voltage, throttle voltage, drive speed, and many more. This debug feature gives the user the ability to easily and more accurately diagnose system failures in the field. Please specify controller model number when ordering.

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