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CS2152 Auxiliary Power Module

The CS2152 Auxiliary Power Module (APM) for the Turret Control System is a field-installable solution to provide electric power to the gunner’s station above the turret ring without extra cables. The APM is connected directly to the Turret Batteries and can supply 12V and 24V power to a wide variety of accessories without dependence on the vehicle’s main battery. The APM can be mounted at either side of the O-GPK.

The APM’s rugged design features large, protected switches, easily operated while wearing gloves to independently power each accessory. Additionally, a covered USB outlet provides 5V of power for portable devices.

  • Provides in-turret power for gunner accessories
  • Includes 12V and 24V protected circuits for gunner station accessories
  • Includes 5V USB power outlet
  • Power is independent of vehicle battery
  • Sealed Connections allow for all-weather operation
  • Field retrofit to existing vehicles

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