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CS1320A IntelliStop Automatic Intervention System

Take action to stop collisions before they happen…AUTOMATICALLY

Control Solutions LLC has developed the first automatic system that not only detects a potential obstacle collision at any speed, but also automatically overrides the vehicle drive controller to bring the device safely and slowly down to creep speed or full stop.

The CS1320A product family is designed for all battery-operated industrial and commercial equipment.

Unlike traditional automobile-like alarms that require the driver to brake or slow down, which often occurs too late, the CS1320A products command the speed controller to slow down smoothly and safely.

  • Automatic detection of impending collisions
  • Detects fixed objects (walls) as well as moving objects (people)
  • Calculates slow-down speed automatically based on how fast the product is moving
  • Seamless integration with motor control board
  • Easily retrofittable to many products (e.g. scooters, carts, floor care, material handling)
  • Designed especially for the CS1108 motor controller family

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