CS R-400(v)2

The R-400(v)2 is a single weapon station capable of operating any of the following automatic weapons: 40 mm AGL,12.7 mm HMG, 7.62 mm GPMG, 5.56 mm LMG. Canons up to 30 mm can also be operated from R-400(v)2 for superior firepower.

Excellent first-round hit probability is provided by a ballistic solution taking into account not only weapon, ammunition, range and ambient environment, but also vehicle attitude and dynamics. Performance can be further enhanced with optional video track of targets and multi-axis stabilization.

The R-400(v)2 integrates advanced surveillance capabilities, including stabilized sensors and battlefield sector scanning with up to 200 pre-settable target reference points for rapid engagement of likely targets directly from surveillance mode.

Sensors are integrated into compact, pre-aligned sensor units and are available from multiple sources. Long-range sensors for standoff surveillance are optional.

The R-400(v)2 provides a reliable, flexible and powerful weapon station for fighting vehicles.

  • Single weapon station with a wide range of weapons supported
  • Widely deployed in combat operations
  • Stabilized
  • Flexible ballistic protection
  • Small dispersed modules allow integration into tight internal vehicle spaces
  • Integrated video tracker and integrated video and audio recording options
  • Integrated battlefield sector scan including 200 pre-settable target reference points
  • Integrated firing inhibit zones with field adjustment
  • Compact sensor unit housing all sensors in an open architecture with multiple vendors
  • Full BIT with advanced logistics support
  • Optimized for wheeled and tracked vehicles

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