Turret Drive Systems

Control Solutions LLC is the leading developer and manufacturer of turrets, turret drive systems, turret accessories, and power door systems for tactical military vehicles. Our components have been fielded on over 70,000 U.S. Military vehicles to date. Our product lines include our CS5200 Lightweight Turret (weighting 165 lbs.), CS7100 Turret Drive system, and CS6400 Heavy Duty Turret. Our turret accessories include auxiliary power modules, turret spotlights, weapon mounted turret controllers, turret slip rings and USB power charging adapters. Our newest product development, the Remote Suppressive Fire System (RSF), provides the gunner with the ability to operate the powered turret either inside the gunner station or remotely while protected inside the vehicle as the mission or threat environment demands.

CS7110 Turret Drive System

The CS7110 Turret Drive System (TDS) provides smooth, proportional acceleration and control of tactical vehicle turrets. This fully integrated proprietary system combines a rugged military-grade variable speed motor and battle-tested…

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