This is a sampling of some of the new innovative solutions that we have developed for our customers.  Control Solutions LLC is a rapid-response developer and manufacturer that listens to customer problems and rapidly responds with robustly-engineered systems and accessories.

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Here are some recent product and technology introductions:


Protected weapons stations have been used for years on numerous armored vehicles. Currently, militaries choose between either a traditional manned turret or a more expensive Remotely Operated Weapons Station (ROWS).

We developed an upgrade for weapons stations currently fielded with an Improved Turret Drive System (ITDS) and a Gunner Protection Kit (GPK). Our Remote Fire Option (RFO) system upgrade transforms a motorized, manually-operated turret into a remote suppressive-fire weapon station when needed.

To learn more about our RFO system. Click HERE.

Tremendous physical effort is required for the gunner to manually rotate turrets with heavy GPKs and cupolas.  Manually operated turrets also require the gunner to disengage the target while slewing the weapon.

The CS7100 Turret Drive System (TDS) provides smooth, proportional acceleration and control of tactical vehicle turrets. This fully integrated proprietary system combines a rugged military-grade variable speed motor and battle-tested DC motor controller into one easy to install assembly. Operation of the turret is via our CS3209 Joystick, CS3210A Thumb Drive or the CS3310 Fingertip Drive Actuators. Click HERE

CAS_Drawing2_FINAL_CS5A customer in the floor care industry brought to our attention that it is sometimes difficult for the driver/operator to see ahead of a loaded platform and that occasionally the motorized vehicle collides with a stationary object or a moving person.Control Solutions rapidly developed the Collision Intervention System that is integrated with the motor controller to bring the product to a pre-programmed safe stop, based on the speed that the product was moving.  By taking the operator out of the loop, damage to product and property can be avoided.  To learn more about the CAS solution, click HERE
The military uses a very popular but non-rechargeable BA-5590 battery.  Since the battery does not have any built-in charge indicator, the battery is typically discarded for a new battery for mission-critical applications such as soldier radios.The Army asked Control Solutions to develop a way for soldiers to use "leftover" power in these BA-5590 batteries for non-critical applications.  Many soldiers use USB-powered tablets and other devices for application such as online maintenance manuals, e-books, and personal media.  We developed the CS4150 USB PowerDrive which connects to a military battery, providing clean 5 volt USB power and fully utilizes any leftover charge in discarded batteries.  To learn more about the USB solution, click HERE


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