Integrated Systems

CS5400 Large-diameter Turret Slip ring

The CS5400 large-diameter slip ring is a newly developed innovation for tactical vehicles that provides both power and data to the gunner’s station, eliminating separate turret batteries found in legacy systems.

The CS5400 provides multiple channels of simultaneous high bandwidth data and video uplinks to the gunner’s station or downlinks to the driver’s station. Examples include 360 degree camera view of the vehicle at the driver’s station or display of vehicle’s blue force tracking system at the gunner’s station.

The CS5400 has been developed as a one-piece sealed unit that mates directly with the current M1114 hatch assembly and is retrofittable to most vehicles that use the M1114 bearing and hatch.

  • Allows turret to be powered from vehicle batteries; eliminates turret batteries and reduces weight
  • Multiple data and video channels;
  • simultaneous uplink & downlink
  • Floating design; isolated from vehicle vibrations
  • Environmentally sealed; retrofittable

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