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CS5000 Series Lightweight Motorized Gun Turret

The Lightweight Motorized Gun Turret (LMGT) provides a new one-piece system that can be easily mounted on almost any vehicle. Reducing the vehicle weight will continue to be a key requirement of military and police forces worldwide.

The LMGT is powered through a built-in rotary slip ring that connects to the vehicle’s power source. The slip ring allows the gun turret to rotate a continuous 360 degrees without wires getting in the way of the gunner.

The LMGT’s motor-drive spins the turret and can hold in position with any gun and on any slope. The motor-drive can be disabled for manual use.

With it’s simple one-piece design, the turret can be easily mounted on the roof of most vehicles with almost no space taken-up inside the vehicle. It’s light weight does not impact the vehicle’s center-of-gravity or overall stability.

  • Lightest powered turret on the market (165 lbs.)
  • One finger motorized operation on the move
  • Rotate 360º in less than 7 seconds
  • Common ring-mount solution for various vehicles
  • Fixed or Flexible A-Frame Available
  • Flexible A-Frame provides gun tilt range from -15 to +30 degrees
  • Easy vehicle integration and installation
  • Self-contained power slip ring from vehicle battery
  • Supports multiple weapon systems
  • Optional gun shield and gunner protection kits
  • in steel or ceramic armor

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