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CS3460 Spotlight

The dual-function spotlight kit from Control Solutions LLC provides the gunner with adjustable directional lighting for day and night missions. The high-intensity white light can illuminate a target at 150 meters. Built into the same spotlight is a wide-angle infrared illuminator for use with night vision goggles. Both lights are operated from the three-position switch on the turret auxiliary module.

The Gun Turret Spotlight is designed to be mounted on either side of the O-GPK. The power is provided directly from the gun station auxiliary module, eliminating the need for tangled lighting cables from the vehicle below the turret. The spotlight includes a metal shield to direct the light away from the gunner station and a glove-fit handle to sweep the light across the target areas.

  • High-intensity white LED light and night-vision in same unit
  • HID LED white light visible for over 150 meters
  • Wide-angle IR light for use with night vision devices
  • Single-switch operation from Turret Auxiliary Module
  • Mounts easily onto either side of the O-GPK

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