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Remote Fire Option (RFO) SYSTEM

The Remote Fire Option (RFO) system is a simple add-on to existing manned turrets currently installed in MRAPs and other tactical vehicles. It allows the gunner to remotely operate the gunner station during “overwatch” while protected inside of the armored vehicle, thus reducing gunner exposure to sniper fire, indirect fire, and enemy assaults.

When the gunner senses the need to switch to remote fire operations, they can engage the RFO functionality and move into the protected hull of the vehicle.

RFO system features and benefits:

  • Enables existing powered turrets to be remotely operated from inside the protection of the vehicle
  • Allows threat engagement while providing maximum protection during overwatch
  • Better accuracy than manually operated systems
  • Remote target engagement via joystick trigger
  • RFO user interface with hi-res video display
  • Can be used at stationary checkpoints and ECPs with enhanced safety
  • Major Improvement in crew safety and system effectiveness



Turret Control System (TCS)

When the US Army responded to the threat of roadside bombs and attacks from urban rooftops by adding armor to the fleet of tactical vehicles, the military found that both the gun turrets and the vehicle doors became almost impossible to operate.

Control Solutions LLC solved the gun turret rotation problem by quickly developing a complete battery-operated system with a rugged integrated gear motor, variable-speed motor controller and joystick actuator.  We also recently introduced a weapon-mounted controller that lets the soldier keep eyes on the mission and hands on the weapon.  The Turret Control System (TCS) is the military’s field-proven solution that enhances vehicle gunner survivability and has been fielded on over 70,000 HMMWV, MRAP and JLTV vehicles.

Turret control system features and benefits:

  • Provides smooth, proportional acceleration and control of the gun turret even when the vehicle is on a high slope
  • Equipped with self-contained batteries that provide independent power from the vehicle and a built-in intelligent battery charger that won’t drain vehicle batteries
  • Includes software programmability for the many parameters of each different vehicle










Lightweight Motorized Gun Turret (LMGT)

The Lightweight Motorized Gun Turret (LMGT) provides a new one-piece system that can be easily mounted on almost any vehicle. Reducing the vehicle weight will continue to be a key requirement of military and police forces worldwide.

The LMGT is powered through a built-in rotary slip ring that connects to the vehicle’s power source. The slip ring allows the gun turret to rotate a continuous 360 degrees without wires getting in the way of the gunner.

With it’s simple one-piece design, the turret can be easily mounted on the roof of most vehicles with 
almost no space taken-up inside the vehicle. It’s light weight does not impact the vehicle’s center-of-gravity or overall stability.

The LMGT can be up-armored with a ceramic or steel sidewall gunner protection kit as well as a front-mounted gun shield.

Lightweight motorized gun turret features and benefits:

  • One finger motorized operation on the move
  • Rotate 360º in less than 7 seconds
  • Common ring-mount solution for various vehicles
  • Flexible A-Frame provides gun tilt range from -15 to +30 degrees
  • Easy vehicle integration and installation
  • Optional gun shield and gunner protection kits in steel or ceramic armor


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