Turret Systems and Accessories Catalog

Control Solutions LLC® solves tough problems forn military tactical vehicles. With our turnkey design and manufacturing capabilities, we can provide customor off-the-shelf products for your military vehicle.
Control Solutions provides turret systems and accessories for light to heavy payload tactical wheeled vehicles. We can design the following products for your vehicle.

• Heavy to Light Turrets • Motor/Drive/Transmission Technologies
• Joystick Options and Sizes • Gunner Protection Kits • Accessories


CS5000 Series Light-Weight Gun Turret CS6400 HDT Heavy Duty Turret                   
CS5000 Series Motorized Turret Assemblies Weapon-Mounted Turret Controllers and Accessories
CS5000 Series Manual Turret Assemblies CS5000 Series Applications
CS5000 Series Turret Assemblies CS6400 Turret Applications
CS7100 Turret Drive System  

All specifications subject to change without notice.

Turret Catalog

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