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Who We Are…

Control Solutions LLC is the leading developer and manufacturer of turrets, turret drive systems, turret accessories, and power door systems for tactical military vehicles. Our components have been fielded on over 70,000 U.S. Military vehicles to date. Our product lines include our CS5000 Series Lightweight Turret (weighting 165 lbs.), CS7100 Turret Drive system, and CS6400 Heavy Duty Turret. Our turret accessories include auxiliary power modules, turret spotlights, weapon mounted turret controllers, turret slip rings and USB power charging adapters. Our newest product development, the Remote Fire Option System (RFO), provides the gunner with the ability to operate the powered turret either inside the gunner station or remotely while protected inside the vehicle as the mission or threat environment demands.

Light-Weight Tactical Vehicles
Heavy Duty Tactical Vehicles

What We Do…

We can design the following products for your vehicle. But are not limited to those alone. We love the challenge of designing new systems and accessories.

• Heavy to Light Turrets • Motor/Drive/Transmission Technologies • Powered Door Systems • Weapon-Mounted Turret Controllers • Auxiliary Power Modules • Gunner Protection Kits • Custom and Non-lethal Systems • Accessories

Our most popular Innovated System Solutions for tactICAL vehicles are:

Remote Fire Option (RFO), Turret Control Systems (TCS)

Our most popular Military Products are:

• CS5000 Series Light-Weight Turret • CS6400 Heavy Duty Turret
• CS7100 Turret Drive System • CS3210A Weapon Mounted Thumb Controller
• CS3300 Series Weapon-Mounted Fingertip Controller Powered Door Systems (PDS).

View our on-line Turret Systems and Accessories catalog of produts.

Control Solutions LLC has been designing and manufacturing field-hardened systems to meet the challenges of the military for over 20 years. Contact us for your solution here.


Innovative Solutions for your world in motion

It’s not just a slogan, it’s what we do! Control Solutions LLC is your one-stop integrator for tough motion control problems. Our team of engineers, our ISO-certified processes and FDA-registered manufacturing facility stand ready to quickly design and manufacture an innovative solution for your application.

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