Remote Fire Option™ (RFO) system at SOFIC 2017 Booth 350

Posted on March 14th, 2017

Visit us at SOFIC 2017, Booth 350 and take our RFO system for a spin.

The Remote Fire Option (RFO) system, provides a vehicle gunner with the flexibility to operate a turret weapon station either from inside the gunner station or operate it remotely while protected inside the vehicle as mission requires. The RFO system gives the gunner the ability to reduce exposure to sniper fire, indirect fire, and enemy assaults from elevated positions.


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Further information and departmental/program office ordering can be obtained by contacting David Rodgers, Director Government Business Development at 630-715-8705 or

Visit us at SOFIC 2017 Booth 350, May 16-18

Tampa Convention Center




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