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Remote Fire Option ™ (RFO) System

The Remote Fire Option (RFO) system is a simple add-on to existing manned turrets currently installed in MRAPs and other tactical vehicles. It allows the gunner to remotely operate the gunner station during “overwatch” while protected inside of the armored vehicle, thus reducing gunner exposure to sniper fire, indirect fire, and enemy assaults.

When engaged, the RFO:
• Locks the gun in alignment with the camera.
• Enables the firing solenoid.
• Activates camera, display, traverse and elevation drives, and remote joystick for control of the turret.
• The gunner then uses the camera/joystick to locate the target and the trigger button to engage the target.

The RFO system consists of low-cost, commercial-off-the-shelf components. These “plug-and-play” components include a remote fire solenoid, traverse and elevation drives, day/night camera with infrared illuminator, user interface with color display, joystick and trigger, all of which are easily integrated into existing turrets. The RFO weapon system is simple to operate with minimal training while providing a major tactical advantage by allowing the gunner to deliver suppressive firepower from a protected position.

  • Enables existing powered turrets to be remotely operated from inside the protection of the vehicle
  • Allows threat engagement while providing maximum protection during overwatch
  • Remote target engagement via joystick trigger
  • View the threat environment on hi-res video display
  • Major Improvement in crew safety and system effectiveness

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