Motor Controllers

CS1107 Electric scooter motor controller

The CS1107 is truly one of a kind in the electric scooter industry. Designed for light to medium duty permanent magnet motor applications. It is the smallest 24V motor controller in the industry today. The CS1107 is so small that it is capable of being mounted in the tiller enclosure of the scooter itself. Also, the CS1107 has an LED on the opposite side which can indicate power on/off, low battery voltage, error diagnostics, and charging status. This translates into significant reductions in component costs, production costs, and service costs to the OEM. The CS1107 is ideal for use on light weight travel scooters and shopper scooters.

  • Very small size, also can be used as the user interface display
  • Fully Programmable
  • LED Diagnostic codes
  • Designed and fully manufactured in the US
  • Designed to comply with US and European regulations
  • ASIC Technology

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