Integrated Systems

In many cases, Control Solutions LLC provides our customer with an integrated solution comprised of many individual products that are developed to work in synergy. This is a listing of some of those solutions. Let us help you design a system to solve your tough motion control challenge today.

RFO System Remote Fire Option™ (RFO) System

The Remote Fire Option (RFO) system is a simple add-on to existing manned turrets currently installed in MRAPs and other tactical vehicles. It allows the gunner to remotely operate the…

RSF-enables-remote-operation-7 Remote Suppressive Fire System (RSF)

The Remote Suppressive Fire (RSF) system allows the crew to remotely operate the gunner station while protected inside of the armored vehicle. The RSF is a simple add-on to existing…

CS5200 Turret-thumb-side-open-b&w_2465 CS5000 Series Lightweight Motorized Gun Turret

The Lightweight Motorized Gun Turret (LMGT) provides a new one-piece system that can be easily mounted on almost any vehicle.

CS5400 CS5400 Large-diameter Turret Slip Ring

The CS5400 large-diameter slip ring is a newly developed innovation for tactical vehicles that provides both power and data to the gunner’s station, eliminating separate turret batteries found in legacy…

Sensor-Prototype-Enclosure-72dpi_3869 CS1320 IntelliStop™ Automatic Intervention System

The CS1320 IntelliStop Automatic Intervention System is an add-on module for battery-operated vehicles that automatically detects impending collisions and commands the product to decelerate to a smooth stop.

power-door-assists PDS – Powered Door-assist System

The Powered Door System (PDS) provides a complete turnkey solution for safely and quickly opening and closing the heavy armored doors on the MRAP vehicles.

installed-3249-420x320 TCS – Turret Control System

The Turret Control System is a solution for managing the motion of armored vehicle turrets. The TCS consistes of a Control Solutions LLC software-defined motor controller with built-in battery charger…

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